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Who should register:

This is a voluntary program, applicants are encouraged to register. Commercial or multi-family premise alarm users. A separate registration for each Alarm Site is required. Single Alarm Sites (residence) are encouraged but not mandated to register.

How to register:

The complete registration form in its entirety and for Commercial or multi-family premise alarm users, there will be a one-time fee of $20.00 dollars (check or money order) for the registration of each alarm site. The initial registration fee must be submitted to the Alarm Administrator within fifteen (15) days after the alarm installation or alarm Takeover. Upon receipt of a completed application form for registration, the Alarm Administrator shall issue an alarm registration to applicant.

1. The purpose of this ordinance is to encourage Alarm Users and Alarm Businesses to maintain the operational reliability and properly use Alarm Systems and to reduce False Alarm Dispatch Requests and, thereby, prevent the misuse of police resources.

2. This ordinance governs systems intended to summon police response, require permits, establish fees, provides for penalties for violations, establishes a system of administration, and sets conditions for the suspension or loss of permits.

 Alarm Ordinance Click Here (Muni Code Link)

For questions regarding alarm administration please email: James.Baraja@BridgeportCT.Gov