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Starting July 1st, 2023 New Fingerprinting fee

There will be a fee for the processing of fingerprints.

  •  $10.00 fee for live scan print processing made payable by bank check or money order. Made payable to: City of Bridgeport. (No cash payments accepted)
  •  $20.00 fee for hardcopy print card (per print card) made payable by bank check or money order. Made payable to: City of Bridgeport. (No cash payments accepted)
  • Please present photo ID, tracking barcode and money orders at time of fingerprinting appointment.

Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting is done Monday through Friday (8:00 AM to 3:30 PM), every 20 minutes (by appointment only).   Pistol Permit applicants only must bring a $70.00 dollar money order (made payable to The City of Bridgeport). 

No permit applications will be accepted unless all documents are complete and together. 

NEW: Prior to arriving at the Bridgeport Police Department to be fingerprinted you must complete a pre-enrollment with the state Connecticut Criminal History Request System (CCHRS). Click this link to pre-enroll for barcode (CCHRS). Use service code 2C4C-1DA9 where requested. (Note: This service code is only for pistol permits. For the appropriate service code for the permit you are applying for, see the complete list below.) Pay the $88.25 fee online and then print out the pre-enrollment form.

You will be required to bring the barcode, your driver's license and fingerprinting payment with you to your appointment when fingerprinted. Please do not forget to bring your barcode.

Note: We are not accepting fingerprints done from outside sources and locations. If applying for a temporary pistol permit, fingerprints must be conducted at the Bridgeport Police Department.

  • For further information on fingerprinting services call 203-581-5201 during the normal hours of operation (Mon to Fri 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM).
  • Fingerprinting services are available for work-related background checks, motor vehicle commercial operator’s license, pardons, immigration, pistol permits, and sexual offender registration. An appointment is required for fingerprinting. Fingerprinting Appointment with the Bridgeport Police Department.
  • By law, a sexual offender has only a five-day period within which to register.

To Schedule an Appointment

CCHRS Barcode Enrollment Link

To schedule an appointment (via online) to be fingerprinted at Bridgeport Police Department, please click the following link:

To schedule a fingerprinting appointment with the Bridgeport Police Department after receiving barcode

CCHRS Service Code List

Code License Type Fee
9FF6-1074 Pawnbroker $88.25
2C4C-1DA9 Pistol Permit $88.25
5DBA-C2AF Precious Metals and Stone Dealer License $88.25
78A8-C8F5 Second Hand Dealer License $88.25
96E0-A9E5 Criminal History/ Pardon $88.25
9DC2-AD76 Police Department Ride Along $75.00
5608-DB3B Town/ City Employee (BOE, Other) $N/A
562A-FC7E Town Liquor Permit $75.00
122D-190F Town Raffle/ Bingo Permit $75.00
1641-3187 Town Solicitor/ Peddler Permit $75.00
7910-F78F Town Vendor Permit $75.00
6346-0BEC Town Bazaar Permit $75.00
FE5F-65DE Town Junk or Scrap Dealer $75.00


State Police Bureau of Identification