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Bridgeport MRC Mission Statement:

Providing residents and first responders of Bridgeport a quality resource for community engagement, safety education, hazard mitigation, emergency response assistance, and other volunteer efforts

Medical Reserve Corps with a blue star and red outline

The Bridgeport Health and Social Services Department has been a key player in emergency preparedness and response planning for over a decade. The Bridgeport Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) unit has gained recognition as part of the esteemed USA Freedom Corps initiative by the White House and the Citizen Corps by the Department of Homeland Security. Our mission is to recruit skilled volunteers, both medical and non-medical, to support the health department during public health emergencies and times of community need.

Although "medical" is in our name, membership is NOT limited to medical personnel. Current MRC members include individuals with various skills such as customer service skills, organizational skills, retired or practicing physicians, nurses, public health professionals, pharmacists, emergency medical technicians, and more. Whatever skills you bring, chances are we could use them in our MRC unit! 

Interested in being a Public Health Emergency Volunteer? Join our Medical Reserve Corps! For additional information you may contact the Director of Health Equity and Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

David Reyes

581 North Washington 


Be prepared for any emergency! 

It's important to have a plan in case of an emergency so that you and your family are ready to respond if something happens. Emergencies can be natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, or man-made problems like fires and chemical spills. Here are some things you can do to make an emergency plan: