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The Social Services Department is a vital division under the Health and Social Services Department focused on enhancing the well-being of vulnerable individuals and communities. With services ranging from case management to housing support, the department is dedicated to promoting social justice and empowering those in need to lead fulfilling lives.

Seeking Assistance? Let Us Guide You. If you're in need of help accessing services but don't know where to start or who to contact, we're here to assist you. Simply fill out a referral form and let us guide you on your journey to getting the support you need. 

Services Provided

  • Case Management and Referrals: We provide personalized case management and referrals to individuals and families facing various challenges, addressing a wide range of needs with compassion and expertise.

  • Housing Stability Support: We offer emergency rental and utility assistance to families experiencing housing-related hardships, helping them regain stability.

  • Emergency Relocation Assistance: We provide relocation services to city residents whose residences have been deemed unsuitable for human habitation, ensuring they have safe and healthy living arrangements.

  • State and Federal Program Administration: We manage state and federal programs aimed at supporting economically and socially disadvantaged city residents, as well as special initiatives assigned by the city's administration to address social issues.

Please note, our rental assistance funds allows us to provide only a ONE time payment per resident who needs assistance.

Social Services Department

999 Broad St


Hours: Monday-Friday

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.