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If you are currently experiencing homelessness or need assistance finding shelter, please call 211 or visit Contacting 211 is the first step in receiving assistance. To learn more about any of the shelters, please use the contact information below. You can also visit the Homeless Shelter Directory to learn more.  

Shelter Contact Information

Bridgeport Rescue Mission

725 Park Avenue

Men: 203-333-4087

Women: 203-333-9143

Women and Children: 203-540-5449

Brooks Shelter

309 Brooks St, 06608

Families: 203-367-5830

Center for Women & Families

753 Fairfield Ave, 06604

Individuals & Families: 203-334-6154

Prospect House

392 Prospect St, 06604

Individuals: 203-610-6252

Please note: most agencies participate in a Unified Intake process and do not accept individual requests for shelter. Callers in need of shelter must call 2-1-1 for a referral.