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The Department of Weights and Measures protects consumers by maintaining and monitoring the accuracy of measurement for many items. Some examples include:

  • Cords of Wood
  •  Food Establishments with Scales
  •  Gas Pump Meters
  •  Oil Truck Meters
  •  Pawn Shops
  •  Scrap Yards
  •  Taxi Cab Meters
Close up picture of a gas meter at a gas station

This process is carried out through the random selection and meticulous testing of packages to ensure weight accuracy. We also enforce laws and regulations that govern weights and measures, investigate consumer complaints, and issue licenses in accordance with the statutes of the state of Connecticut.

Any new stores with scales must contact the Department of Weights and Measures for inspection before opening. This includes gas stations, scrap yards, as well as anything sold by volume.

To schedule an appointment for inspection or to make a complaint please call or email the Weights and Measures office:

Michael Sampieri

City Sealer

45 Lyon Terrace, 1st Floor