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Are You Ready to Become A Bridgeport Police Officer?

We are currently not accepting applications.

Please feel free to sign the Interest Capture below so that you are notified when the next examination process begins! 

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For more information, please feel free to call 203-576-8332 or email

Police Recruits are offered the following Benefits:

• Medical Coverage
• Prescription Coverage
• Insurance Buyout Plan
• Dental Coverage
• Vision Coverage
• Life Insurance Coverage
• Pension
• College Tuition

Police Officer Certification Process Includes:

• Polygraph
• Psychological
• Background and fingerprint
• Controlled substance screening
• Medical evaluation

Bridgeport Residency Perks

• Qualified residents can receive an additional 15% added to their final passing score.
• Applicants must provide proof of residing in Bridgeport for a minimum of 1 year prior to 7/17/2023
• Fee waivers for Bridgeport candidates who meet certain income requirements.

Qualified Veterans may be eligible to receive 5 points added to their passing final score. Qualified Veterans with Service Related Disabilities may be eligible to receive 10 points added to their passing final score.