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New homeowners can request a Recycling and/or a Sanitation toter with a copy of the closing statement/deed (if the toter was missing at the time of purchase) within 12 months of closing date.

Lost or stolen toter must be reported to the Bridgeport Police Department's non-emergency number 203-576-7671. A police report documenting the lost or stolen toter MUST be submitted with your request. A file number is NOT sufficient.

Toter repairs (broken lids, wheel or damage to body) can be requested by contacting the Recycling department 203-576-7753 or the Sanitation department 203-576-7232, or by using the City's SeeClickFix reporting app Report a Concern.

Requests should be faxed to 203-332-3029 or emailed (depending on type, see below). or Sanitation: &

After the request with the police report has been received, toters will be delivered within two 2 weeks to your home during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

 For question(s) about toters contact Sanitation 203-576-7232 or Recycling 203-576-7753 or by email (listed above).