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The Bridgeport Sanitation Division is responsible for the weekly residential curbside collection and transportation of all general household solid waste in the City in compliance with all applicable City, State and Federal health, environmental, and safety regulations to a regional intermediate processing center.

Residents must place all household garbage in securely tied plastic bags to ensure the safety of sanitation workers and to prevent litter on the streets. Trash toter should be brought out curbside 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup. Trash toter should be brought back on to your property within 24 hours after your scheduled pick up.  Please report a missed trash pickup within 24 hours by calling 203-576-7232.


  • Recyclables (paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles).
  • Yard debris (grass, leaves, brush).
  • Electronics/metal.
  • Construction material.
  • Loose garbage.
  • Medical waste (Hazardous).

Trash Pickup Schedule