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An Electrical Permit is required for electrical components, solar systems, electrical equipment, and systems used in buildings or structures, per Connecticut State Building Code. This includes, but not limited to, all wiring associated with power and lighting systems, fire and security alarm systems, low voltage systems, utilities, elevators, exhaust hoods, refrigeration, solar and energy control systems, and duct systems. 


Any person holding a valid Connecticut license to do electrical work or authorized agent for the holder. A property owner of a single-family residence who permanently resides at the property may apply for an electrical permit. 


Visit the Park City Portal and create an account to apply for a Electrical Permit. For all Solar and Generator permits you will also need to apply for a Zoning Plan. All documents must be submitted on PDF format. 


  1. Required documents to be submitted with electrical permit application: 
  • Copy of contractor's current Connecticut License Card (E-1)
  • If agent – Provide a letter, on company letterhead, signed by the Trade Registered Card Holder - indicating the agents name as the authorized representative, type of permit, and address of the work. Agent must provide photo identification and of the E-1 License.
  • Detailed written scope of work (what removed, what new, types and size of materials to be used, attachment, etc.) 
  • Detailed wiring diagrams, construction drawings and specifications 
  • Copies of Manufacturers Equipment and Material Data Sheets and related information 
  • Copies of all applicable pre-approvals from Federal Government or State of Connecticut
  • UI Work Order Number 

2. Solar – Additional supporting documents to be submitted with Electrical Permit application: 


Per City Ordinance 15.08.020 - No Permits can be issued by the Building Department if there are delinquent Property Tax and/or WPCA Sewer User Fees.