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A building permit is required for the erection of an above ground swimming pool or the construction of an in-ground where the depth of the pool is 24 inches or greater.

Pursuant to section 29-263 of the Connecticut General Statutes, application for a permit shall be made by the owner of the property or by an authorized agent. 

WHO CAN Assemble Above Ground or Construct In-Ground Pools: 

Installation of in-ground pools must be by a licensed “swimming pool builder” (SP-1). Assembly of above ground pools must be by a registered Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) or Property Owner of a Single-Family Residence. 


Visit the Park City Portal and create an account to apply for a Pool Permit. For all Pool Permits you will also need to apply for a Zoning Plan. All documents must be submitted on PDF format.


Required documents to be submitted with building permit application: 

  • Copy of Home Improvement Contractor for above ground pools and SP-1 for in ground pools.
  • Copy of pool assemblers or Contractors Workers’ Compensation Insurance Certificate.  If Property Owner or Sole Proprietor, a signed and notarized Affidavit is required. 
  • If agent – Provide a Letter, on Company Letterhead, signed by the Licensed Holder - indicating the agents name as the authorized representative, type of permit and address of the work. Agent must provide photo identification and copy of the contractor's license. 
  • Site plan or plot plan showing locations of existing structures and pool on the property with dimensions 
  • Detailed construction drawings (In-ground pools – pre molded or site-built) 
  • Copy of pool assembly Instructions (Above Ground) 
  • Copy of pool alarm data sheet
  • Copy of pool ladder data sheet 
  • Detailed information on how pool barrier requirements will be addressed 
  • Copies of all applicable pre-approvals from Federal Government, State of Connecticut and or City of Bridgeport. 
  • Commercial pools and 3 or more families will required State Health Department approval letter.


Per City Ordinance 15.08.020 - No Permits can be issued by the Building Department if there are delinquent Property Tax and/or WPCA Sewer User Fees.