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A Sign Permit is required for the erection, alteration, repair, relocation, maintain components of, or replacement of signs, per Connecticut State Building Code. Examples of the type of work requiring a Sign Permit include, but is not limited to, ground signs, pole signs, wall signs, projecting signs and roof signs. 


Any Person holding a valid City of Bridgeport Sign License and, if applicable, a Connecticut C-7 or C-8 License or a Authorized Agent for the Holder may apply for a Sign Permit.  If you do not currently have a Bridgeport Sign License, please apply for a Sign License


Visit the Park City Portal and create an account to apply for a Sign Permit. For all Sign Permits you will also need to apply for a Zoning Plan. All documents must be submitted on PDF format.


Required documents to be submitted with Sign Permit Application: 

  • Copy of current Sign License
  • If agent – Provide a Letter, on Company Letterhead, signed by the Licensed Holder - indicating the agents name as the authorized representative, type of permit, address of the work, and anticipated start date. Agent must provide photo identification.
  • Site Plan or Plot Plan showing locations of signs.
  • Detailed Written Scope of Work
  • Detailed Construction Drawings and Specifications 
  • Copies of all applicable Pre-Approvals from Federal Government, CT State and/or Historic Commission. 



Architect and/or Engineer's seal and signature on all plans as provide by State Building Code 2022, Section 107.1

Special inspection and testing as required by State Building Code, Sections 1704 and 1705. [Statement of Special Inspections] 

Per City Ordinance 15.08.020 - No Permits can be issued by the Building Department if there are delinquent Property Tax and/or WPCA Sewer User Fees.