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Become a member today! Our centers offer a wide range of programs and activities, including exercise classes, hobby groups, cultural events, and social gatherings. In addition, we provide valuable resources and services to help you maintain your physical, emotional, and social well-being. By becoming a member of our senior centers, you will have the opportunity to form lasting connections, learn new skills, and enjoy a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle. Sign up today and discover all that our senior centers have to offer. Application fee is free!

A metal  "welcome" sign hanging from the ceiling

How to become a member:

Becoming a member is easy and the application is fee-free! There are two convenient ways to get started, it's user-friendly and ensures you have a seamless experience joining our community:

  • You can visit any of our four locations and fill out the membership forms in person.
  • Alternatively, you have the option to print the membership forms from our website, complete it at your leisure, and bring it to the location that suits you best.
  • Once your membership application is received, you will receive a tour of the facilities and an explanation of all the services offered.

Membership Forms

Please note: Completing one application grants you access to visit any of our four senior centers. There is no requirement to fill out separate membership packets for each location.


Front Entrance of the Black Rock Senior Center in Bridgeport, CT

Street side view of East Side Senior Center in Bridgeport, CT

Front Entrance of the Eisenhower Senior Center in Bridgeport, CT

Front Entrance of Bethany Senior Center in Bridgeport, CT