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Research Chronicle Topics Publication Date
Tick-borne Threat: What You Need to Know About Powassan Virus Infectious Disease June 5, 2024
Consistency Is Key: Research Shows That a Healthy Daily Routine May Improve Mental Health Healthy Lifestyle, Mental Health May 22, 2024
The Global Spread of Measles and How We Can Stop It Public Health, Vaccination May 8, 2024
Health and Income: Understanding the Health-Poverty Trap Healthy Lifestyle, Healthcare Access, Poverty April 12, 2024
Breathe Easy: Unlocking Insights for Tuberculosis Awareness Tuberculosis, Healthy Lifestyle March 28, 2024
Menu Transparency: Uncovering The Health Advantages of Calorie Information Nutrition March 13, 2024
Guarding Your Heart: Understanding and Overcoming the Top Five Risks Healthy Lifestyle February 28, 2024
A Public Health Win: Younger Generations are Smoking Cigarettes Less and Less Public Health, Healthy Lifestyle February 14, 2024
Ever wonder why semaglutide is making waves in weight management? Healthy Lifestyle January 31, 2024
Warm Up to Safety: Cuffing Season Tips for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Prevention STIs, Healthy Lifestyle January 17, 2024


Research Chronicle Topics Publication Date
Turn Up the Heat, Turn Down the Health Risks: Why 65°F is Your Winter Wellness Friend Environment, Healthy Lifestyle December 15, 2023
New research shows exposure to air pollutants might lead to postpartum depression in new mothers Environment, Mental Health November 29, 2023
Violence Really is a Disease – Research Shows That Violence Spreads Through Social Contagion Community Safety October 30, 2023
Why is RSV Such a Big Deal Right Now? Children, Vaccines October 11, 2023
Who's Hungry? How other people influence our eating habits Nutrition September 27, 2023
The Power of Weekend Warriors - Can you save your exercise for the weekend? Healthy Lifestyle September 13, 2023
What's that smell? It might improve your memory! Healthy Lifestyle August 30, 2023
New research shows your backyard vegetable garden might contain lead Healthy Lifestyle, Lead August 9, 2023
Want your kids to eat their veggies? 2 simple things that you can do today Children, Nutrition July 27. 2023
Psychological research suggests people of lower socio-economic status are too hard on themselves Mental Health July 12, 2023
The Price of Sitting Healthy Lifestyle June 22, 2023
Environmental Causes of Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes, Environment May 4, 2023
Breaking the Silence: Overcoming COVID-19 Disclosure Stigma for the Greater Good COVID-19 April 19, 2023
How to Find Trustworthy Health Information - Sniffing out False Information Critical Thinking March 15, 2023
Lowering Blood Pressure - What the Research Says Healthy Lifestyle March 1, 2023
Getting a Read on the Fentanyl Crisis Opioid Crisis February 15, 2023
How people are using statistical trickery to paint a false narrative about the COVID-19 vaccines COVID-19, Critical Thinking February 1, 2023
Understanding Childhood Asthma in Cities Children, Environment January 19, 2023
How to Find Trustworthy Health Information: The Basic Principle Critical Thinking January 4, 2023