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Prior to the installation of a new septic system an application for construction must be submitted to the Bridgeport Department of Health.

If there are any questions with this process, please contact the Environmental Health Division for guidance on the requirements for your specific project. You can contact us by:

  • Calling 203-576-7474
  • Or in person at 999 Broad St, Bridgeport, CT 06604

  1. The owner or owner’s agent (Owner) schedules a field investigation with the Registered Sanitarian (RS). An Application for Septic System Soil Testing is completed and a fee of $100 paid to City of Bridgeport Environmental Health Department.
  2. The owner secures the services of a Professional Engineer (PE) licensed in the State of Connecticut and contractor to conduct the field testing in conjunction with the RS.
  3. The owner schedules with the RS and contractor, a date and time to excavate deep test pits and percolation tests at the site, and perform the field investigation.
  4. The contractor excavates the required number of deep test pits and percolation test holes in the locations as directed by the PE and/or RS.
  5. The field data is collected by the PE and reviewed by the RS. Once approved, the PE designs a construction or repair plan and submits it to the RS. The RS, forwards the plan to the State of Connecticut, Department of Public Health for review.
  6. The responsible authority at the State will issue plan approval or require revisions to the plan as deemed necessary.
  7. Once the plan is approved, the owner completes an Application to Construct a Sub Surface Sewage Disposal System and submits payment of $200 to the City of Bridgeport Environmental Health Department. At this time the contractor may then begin work.
  8. During the course of construction, the PE or RS may order or conduct any additional field inspections or records as deemed necessary for the proper installation of the system. For example, ground staking, ground scarification, a sieve analysis, percolation testing of fill material, etc.
  9. Once construction of the system is completed, and prior to backfilling, the owner, contractor, or PE will request a final inspection by the RS.
  10. A final inspection is conducted by the RS and documented on the “Sub Surface Sewage Disposal System Final Inspection Report.”
  11. Upon approval of the installation, an As Built drawing of the system is submitted to the R.S. by the P.E.
  12. Upon receipt of the As Built drawing, the R.S. issues a Certificate to Discharge for the constructed system noting any special considerations or limitations.