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You need a license to open a personal services business to ensure that you are operating legally and safely. A personal services business provides services directly to clients, such as hairdressing, nail care, massage therapy, and skincare services. These businesses involve contact with the public, which means that there is a potential risk of transmitting diseases or infections.

Personal services include:

  • Hair Salons and Barber Shops
  • Nail Salons
  • Beauty Salons
  • Estheticians
  • Massages or Massage Therapy
  • Tattoo Services
  • Eyelash Care
  • Microblading

Obtaining a license involves meeting certain requirements set by the government, such as education or training, health and safety standards, and background checks. The licensing process ensures that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate your business safely and effectively, and that you meet the standards set by the industry and the government.

Licensing also protects consumers by providing them with a level of assurance that the services they receive are being provided by trained and qualified professionals who operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, licensed businesses are often subject to inspections and audits to ensure that they continue to meet the required standards, providing an additional layer of protection for consumers.

Hair scissors and brushes in a wooden organizer.

Application and Instructions

  1. Zoning Compliance Application letter from the Zoning Department
  2. Certificate of Occupancy for any exterior or interior renovations from the Building Department
  3. Trade name Certificate from the Town Clerk’s Office
  4. Tax Inquiry Form from the Tax Collector’s Office
  5. Lease or bill of sale
  6. Written approval from the Fire Marshal's Office for: floor plan review, new or existing equipment, and compliance with prior fire violations
  7. Floor Plan of the Establishment - Indicating the location of all: sinks, workstations, treatment rooms, storage areas, and rest rooms as well as providing material specifications where required. A plan review fee will be assessed based on the area (sq. ft.) of the establishment.
  8. Indicate All Service Offerings - Hair cutting, waxing, nails, hair braiding, skin treatments, makeup, eyelashes, tattooing, massages, and microblading*.
  9. State of Connecticut License – Professional license issued by the State of Connecticut Department of Health (as applicable) for: Hairdressing and Cosmetology, Barber, Nail Technician, Esthetician, Eyelash Technician, Massage Therapist, and Tattoo Technician.

*Note: Microblading requires a Tattoo Technician License.

Salon and Personal Services Establishment License Application

A printable list of the required documents to submit with your application as well as forms to obtain those documents is available: 

The Bridgeport Health Department requires that all salons and personal services establishments follow the Infection Prevention Plan.

More information on Fee and Licensing Schedules is available for all business types licensed through the Bridgeport Health Department.