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Public Act No. 21-21:

As of July 1, 2021, regardless of the date the adoption was finalized, individuals who have been adopted and their eligible relatives will have the opportunity to request and receive their original birth certificate. To obtain the record, it's important to note that the law has brought changes to the process. To learn more about the updated procedure, refer to either the Public Act above or the form provided below for guidance.

Please note: If someone is not entitled to receive the record upon request, they can file a petition in court for an order to access the original birth record.

The fee for an uncertified copy of an original birth certificate is $65.00. 

An African American couple smiling holding up a sign of an adoption certificate
To expedite the process, you may print and complete the following form and bring all necessary documents before your visit to the office:

Adopted Person Original Birth Certificate Request Form (English)

Solicitud de Certificado de Nacimiento Original de Persona Adoptada (EspaƱol)