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Jorge Cruz, Sr. (D)

A picture of City Councilmember Jorge Cruz

Deputy Majority Leader City Council
Cell: 203-690-2400
249 Black Rock Avenue, Apt. 2-L 06605


  • Committees/Assignments:
    • Committee on Public Safety and Transportation
    • Committee on Economic and Community Development
    • Committee on Contracts
    • Liaison to Housing Authority

City Council District 131 Map

Tyler Mack (D)​

A picture of City Councilmember Tyler Mack
Cell: 475-422-3487
1115 Main Street, Unit 604 06604

  • Co-Chair Committee on Ordinances
  • Other Committees/Assignments:
    • Committee on Miscellaneous Matters
    • Liaison to Housing Authority

Councilman Tyler Mack is a lifelong resident of Bridgeport, who proudly represents the 131st Council District. Mack’s work on city council is centered on helping Bridgeport reach its full potential. His work has led to the successful passage of multiple ordinances such as the “Capital Budget Reporting” and the “Empowered City Council Act.” Councilman Mack believes Bridgeport has a bright future and will continue working to make it a great place of opportunity, culture, and spirit.

City Council District 131 Map