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If you are a food truck or cart owner, it is important to understand why you need to be licensed. A license is a document that shows you have met the health and safety standards required by your local government to operate your business. This includes proper food handling, storage, and preparation techniques.

By obtaining a license, you show your customers that you are operating a legitimate and safe business. It also helps to ensure that you are accountable for your actions and that you are subject to penalties if you violate any health and safety regulations or laws.

Overall, licensing is crucial for protecting the health and safety of your customers, as well as your business. It ensures that you operate in a safe and responsible manner, which can help to build trust with your customers and improve your reputation in the community.

Photo of a blue food truck with lighted Fish and Chips sign on roof and a crowd of people waiting in line

Please provide the required documents noted below at the time of inspection.

  1. City of Bridgeport Fire Marshal Safety Inspection for food trucks from the Fire Marshal's Office
  2. Floor Plan of the food truck (show the location of all equipment)
  3. Copy of Menu or List of Foods
  4. Copy of Food Protection Manager Certificate
  5. Copy of Police Permit for City of Bridgeport from the Police Department
  6. Government issued Photo ID

*If you are a Veteran or Non-profit Organization, please provide documentation that you are exempted 501 c (3)

Itinerant Vendor License Application and Instructions

Please check the Fee and Licensing Schedule to determine fees and expiration dates of licenses.